Franz Kafka

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Franz Kafka  (1883-1924): Czech-Austrian writer,  born in Prague . He is one of the greatest writers of our time. It is difficult to include his works in a particular current of literary history. He was the son of a rural Czech father and a bourgeois German-Jewish mother. He studied law at the University of Prague. 

More than five hundred letters from his affair with Felice Bauer, to whom he was twice engaged and never married, were published as Briefe an Felice (Letters to Felice) in 1967, long after his death. The letters he wrote to Milena Jesenka, who wanted to translate her works into Czech, were also published after her death under the title Briefe an Milena (Letters to Milena). Die Verwandlung (The Transformation), Der Prozess (The Trial) and America are among his important works.

In his stories and novels, he dealt with the fears, loneliness, alienation and lack of communication of the people of our age. He died in 1924 after succumbing to tuberculosis.