Muhyiddin İbn-i Arabi

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Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi was born in Murcia (Murcia), Spain, on 27 Ramadan 560 during the Almohad period. He came to Isbiliye (present-day Sevilla) with his family at the age of 8 for an unknown reason (probably because of his father’s civil service).

His family belonged to the Arabian Tayy tribe. Although not much is known about their immediate ancestors, it is understood that they were influential and respected by their parents. Among his relatives were people with Sufi knowledge. His uncle, Abu Muslim al-Havlani, is also considered one of the elders of the poles.

He died in Damascus on 22 R.Awwal (1239) in 638. His grave is outside the city of Damascus, at the foot of Mount Kasyun. When Sultan Selim made Damascus an Ottoman land in the early 1500s, he had a mausoleum, mosque, and imaret built there.