Tahsin Paşa

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Tahsin Pasha , one of the viziers of the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II and the Chief Clerk of the Mabeyn. He was born in Istanbul. In his youth, he worked in the pens of the Porte and educated himself here. 

He became first assistant and then chief assistant at the Internal Medicine Letters Office. He was appointed to the letter correspondent of the Ministry of the Navy. From here, he was appointed as the Chief Secretary of the Mabeyn of Sultan Abdulhamid II. He was also given the rank of vizier and pasha. During the reign of Abdülhamit Han (1876-1909), he served the state with loyalty and goodwill. With the declaration of the Second Constitutional Monarchy in 1908, his civil service and rank were taken. It was despised by the Constitutionalists and the Unionists. After 1908, he lived in misery. 

He died in Istanbul in 1910.