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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Site Language Why English?

    The first reason is that English is a world language. Secondly, we want it to be known that; Turks also speak English. Turks also read books and Turks listen to classical western music. In addition, foreigners who speak Turkish and English also read books.

    Do you do site design?

    Yes, we do site design from time to time. We help those who need help.

    Why Are There No Current Books On Your Site?

    We add to the site as we read. We have several times the number of books available. All the books we've read. We add as we get the chance.

    Why Can't We Buy The Products?

    Because even if you don't sell a product online in Turkey, you still pay the tax. That's why our website works in catalog mode for now. But in the future, we will price the products and make them ready for sale.

    Can I Become a Member of the Site?

    Yes you can. This way you can follow the developments.

    Will You Sell Abroad?

    Yes, once we reflect the prices and become a company, we will be able to sell abroad.

    Can We Upload Our Second Hand Books to the Site?

    Yes, but it should be noted that we are not a company yet, so do not wait for it to be sold. Please follow our site and contact us via our contact forms when we go on sale.