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Molecular Structure Of Crime

Episode 3

He felt the candle with his hand and tried to light it with a match. As the room began to light up, he suddenly brought his hand to his waist…

His weapon was invaluable to him. An 1865 Model Revolver was a gift from his father. But he didn't have a gun.

A stranger sitting in a chair in front of the table…

Come on man, you don't want to shoot me. Or am I wrong or am I being too optimistic? Oh yes, I can understand your confusion. “I think I would have had the same anxiety,” he said.

Many questions such as how did you enter my room, who are you, how can you talk to me so daringly, suddenly appeared in his mind. But he couldn't hide his shiver. With the candle in his hand, he took one step closer to the stranger. Even though the room was a little brighter, he still couldn't see the stranger's face clearly.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my room?” he asked. The trembling in his voice was an artifact of his shivering situation. He had no weapons and was completely defenseless.

Oh yes, I know I have to introduce myself to you. But first, please sit down, you're soaked and I can see you're tired. 

Look, sir, it’s in your best interest to introduce yourself as soon as possible. If not… if not… he said in a lowering tone.

What if? What can you do now? You are the one who is confused. That’s why I’m in an advantageous position. Because I’m a calm thinker, and you can see that I’m not surprised, “Please sit down,” said the foreigner in an imperious tone.

He took a cigarette case from his pocket. He took one of it and slammed his mouthpiece on the table several times and lit a cigarette with a match that he rubbed on the edge of the table. He took a deep breath and stepped on his feet with his cigarette. With his other hand he took the vodka bottle;

If it was full, we would have a glass to each other, in honor of our acquaintance. But my friend, you still can’t come to your senses, “Please sit down and relax so that we can talk and agree,” he said and took another deep breath from his cigarette.

The stranger’s comfort had disturbed him, he was obviously thinking, “Where did this damn stranger come from?” Then the stranger added;

It’s so cold in here, I wondered how you could live in a room like this… It’s like an unstable doghouse here,” said the stranger, raising his eyebrows with his shoulders and pursing his lips. Then, thinking that he was being rude, he felt the need to say as if trying to save the situation;

“A third-degree prosecutor like you…”

The stranger was as impudent as he was unnecessary at this time of night. But it was clear that he was trying to be polite enough to consider salvaging the situation.

Yes, but why does it concern you? Besides, you owe me an explanation first, who are you, sir? while he was trying to analyze the stranger in front of him.

Although judging someone you have just met at first glance can bring unhealthy results many times, it is a skill of the mind not to confuse prejudice with foresight. But he couldn’t see any reason for not thinking negatively. The stranger in front of him actually had a gentleman’s demeanor. The curiosity in his words was reflected in his tone of speech. It was quickly noticed that he was polite and did not want to let anyone lose his coolness.

He was dark-skinned, with a thin beard and did not cover his cheeks. The top of his head was bald, but the whites on his temples and sideburns were in perfect harmony with his cheekbones. His broad, double-striped forehead and his sky-like blue eyes, though inconsistent with the parallelism of his lips, seemed to symbolize a structure that integrated with his face, like precious stones in a corn remnant carefully set on marble slabs. With his height of about ten or twelve hands and his thin build, his clothes were clean and in harmony with his body. That he was forty or forty-five could be seen from the simplicity of his eyes and his confident stance.

While there were many questions occupying his mind, his analysis of the stranger was due to professional habit.

His Excellency Aleksandre Aleksey Vasilievich or simply Mr. Prosecutor Vasili… Yes, yes, I think you like it better to be called that. But the reputation of Your Excellency from your father must also give valuable meaning to your identity, don’t you think? ‘ the stranger asked.

Meanwhile, Alexey had left the candle on the table in front of him and was sitting on the chair.

Oh my God, you break into my room in the middle of the night, you know my name, my title, my profession. I still don’t know anything about you. But congratulations, you impressed me, sir. “The interesting thing is that I can also intellectually question your purpose,” said Alexei, who had calmed down.

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