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Molecular Structure Of Crime

Episode 4

With the joy of knowing everything, the stranger flexed his head in the face of Aleksey;

–  Oh, my friend, of course I will, because he really knows you well, even the information on your little compass that the fortune teller gave you, he said.

Alexei's surprise was evident in the dilation of the pupils under his frown.

–  Do you remember, sir, that famous murder committed in the middle of last year? You know the case that occupied the entire capital for days… Of course, you remember, of course… he said, bowing his head thoughtfully.

– You were the only prosecutor in charge of the case. And your bases, who made statements that you were commissioned by the government as a source of pride…

Ah yes, what a great reputation they bestowed upon you… By the way, there is nothing to say about your hospitality, my dear, at least give you something to drink. 

While the night is long and we have many things to talk about… Maybe the timing is not right for you, is it? If so, I can go now. Actually, I would like to come to your office at a convenient time, but I don't know, here I am now.

– Oh, by the way, you're wondering how I got in, yes yes you do, said the stranger, laughing and stretching like a cat in a good mood.

– First of all, it’s not your doorman’s fault, I must state this from the beginning. I just used my professional title, you know. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t give it in a few kapiks. “You have a very alert doorman, my friend,” he said.

– Yes, the reason why I am disturbing you at this hour is the lawsuit.

– Justice, justice, my friend. It’s what people need the most. What fire wouldn’t put out a glass of water that can be drunk when thirsty?

Alexei suddenly interrupted the stranger;

– Why does this case concern you? Besides, I never saw you during this trial. I do not know you. What is your interest in this case?

He smiled lightly and said, “Justice, my friend,” as the stranger looked for a tray to put out his cigarette.

– I wonder if you think you can do justice. Or I think a question like this frames the subject more clearly; What is crime according to you? Of course, the subjectivity of this definition cannot be disputed. Because crime has a reality and concreteness that can be accepted by everyone. Don’t you think so, my friend?

The stranger’s calling him friend did not please Alexei. Moreover, he had begun to sweat. He felt like he was testifying in front of an Investigating Judge, as a prosecutor who has been questioning many people for his profession over the years…

– Why should I answer your questions when I have the power to arrest you now? Besides, who are you to question my legal knowledge and thoughts beyond learning, sir? Please come to the point, what and what answers do you want to hear from me?

– Calm down, my friend. The fact that a valuable Prosecutor like you is calm and has a structure that thinks things through.

“You always ask the questions, and I’m sure you know the answers,” said Aleksey.

– Of course I know.

“Then why do you ask, sir?”

– Listen, my friend, how much do you know about belief systems on earth? For example, I wonder what you know about Omar, one of the religious leaders of the Muslims, born Ah Omer… Yes, Omer… He used to say “Justice is the Foundation of Property”. Who do you think is the owner of the property? What is the relationship between crime and property?

– Oh, but enough is enough. Now that you are starting to question my faith, Sir, I want you to give me clear answers immediately. “Otherwise, I want to remind you for the last time that I can take legal action against you as you can’t get any of your questions answered,” said Aleksey, and suddenly stood up.

He started to pace the room. He was having a hard time controlling his nerves. He paused when he reached the window with his fists clenched. Outside, the wind seemed to be playing with the wire connections of a chimney on the roof of a house, a tree bending over as if bowing. The rain had stopped, but the wind had dominated the streets. The candle flame flickered, like a young girl’s voice, and it was now dimly illuminating the room. His eyes were very tired and he could no longer make out the objects in the room, and his head ached. The church bell rang twice. It was two in the morning.

The stranger’s indifference to his own words infuriated him, but he didn’t want to fight him anymore. He could not resist his tiredness with an air of saying whatever he wanted to say and let him go. He lay on his bed. Disrespect in front of such an arrogant foreign man… Why disrespect, she thought. Whatever state he was in, the demons would have taken his words, his thoughts…

He was wet all over, and now he was starting to sweat. He pressed his temples with his thumbs. He was just closing his eyes when there was a knock on the door. Maybe that’s how he felt at the time. But there was someone who really knocked on the door. He opened his eyes, felt his revolver under the pillow, standing still. He got up, looking at himself strangely, and while heading towards the door, he felt the need to look at the side where the stranger was sitting, out of the corner of his eye, the stranger was gone.

Milesho, Ms. Zaharenko’s caretaker, came and called out;

– Mr. Alexey good morning, I brought your breakfast, sir.

It was morning and Alexei looked dazed.

Sometimes I ask… Do you need all this stuff?

– Why would not?

– You’re very helpful, believe me.

– Well, let’s tell me, what is the reason that pushes you to this question? I think you’re obsessed with something again.

– I don’t know, I don’t know if I should stop or continue. Actually, it doesn’t seem to make any difference, but I don’t know.

– Maybe you’re sleepy…

– Am I sleepy?

– Yes yes, probably less than seven…

– Oh yes, I’m sleepy. Night, night… Never mind.

– Tell me, what happened, I want to hear from you tonight.

– I took a little walk by the river. Then, on my way home, I felt that someone was following me. I was tired and very… When I came home,

– Wait, I know. There was a stranger in the house, wasn’t there?

– Yes, but you, how do you know that?

– Oh man, come on, I sat in a corner all night and listened to your argument.

– Then why are you making me tell you if you know…

– That stranger must have been either a doctor or a clergyman.

– So you don’t know either, right?

– How can I know if you don’t know? It’s just a fact that it’s like we made a good trio…

– What trio, what are you talking about?

– E is a writer, a lawyer and a foreigner… Speaking of writers, how is your book going? I’m really curious when I’ll be able to read it.

– You are reading!

– What, are you writing these conversations too? Oh my god, am I in your book too? Dude, you look like you’re going to take my job away from me. But you should know that writing is hard work. You have to feel, you have to live. But you are a lawyer, you must have a cold nature. So I’m saying your job should be to defend your client ruthlessly and to serve your own interests.

– Now it’s like you’re teaching me my job…

– No, my friend, but I don’t know.

– And what are you doing here at this hour? I have a hearing to catch, please leave me alone.

Yes, Aleksey had a hearing to catch and had to be prepared.

On the tray Mileso brought were two slices of bread from the feast two days ago and a glass of wine, turkey meat and tomatoes.

He hurriedly put on his robes, took his files, and as he left his room, the bruises on his face and the short speech he had made came to mind. Let’s listen to the rest from the author;

What happened, what is your condition? That bastard beat you up again, didn’t he? ‘ asked Alexei.

– Oh, sir! You see, I’m not in the mood to be human. What is it, my lady spends too much time with Ms. Zaharenko. Is I serving more than the wages I receive, I am not taking care of her. What can I do? Two children and a beating husband, what else is poverty, my lord! God knows that sometimes I want to kill him or myself. But what do I know, I’m afraid. Maybe this is a punishment God wants us to suffer.

Mileso wanted to wipe the tears from his eyes as he said this. Her eyes are green, her cheekbones are rounder than her face, one of her eyebrows is short because she’s erupted earlier, her lips are round like the cross-section of a paper roll and a red forehead. Her hair was in a bun at the back of her tulle. This woman, who could not pay much attention to her clothes and only had one or two clothes that she could wash from church to church on Sundays, had a structure that could seduce many men around with a word or a smile with her stature and physique. He bent his neck, clasped his hands in front of him, while Alexei held out his handkerchief.

– You are very kind, sir. I wish everyone was as thoughtful as you. I wish I had a husband like you. But we low-class people, God made us that way. We’re going to have to now. But one day, one day…

Alexey looked carefully into the woman’s eyes…

– No, he said. No this is the solution

He suddenly stopped where he was. He looked at the files in his hand, the robe he was wearing… He thought he was about to lose his mind. The stranger last night, the morning conversation he had with the author, and now Mileșo… It was as if everything was happening all at once.

– Have I lost the concept of time or what is happening to me?

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