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Molecular Structure Of Crime


  • People have to solve the mystery of the quantum in order to prevent crime and murder.
  • The basis in the judgment is fairness, not inclination. The contrary is a formless judgment that is far from justice and even stems from wrong principles.
  • The encounter between the perpetrator and the victim before their last relationship under ordinary conditions; It is equivalent to the realization of the unplanned, unplanned act under normal conditions.
    There is nothing unusual about this situation that is not frequently encountered in daily life. In other words, every person experiences this situation unconsciously many times and is not aware of it. For example, the close crossing or timing of the steps of two people who want to cross each other on a whole road… Moreover, these examples are endlessly diverse.

That is why acts committed by design are unusual phenomena.

  • Current lawlessness is also an order. The effort to restore this order creates a predictable but essential chaos. The destruction caused by trying to reverse or reverse the flow will cause more destruction than the current disorder.

Let them do, let them do…

  • The relationship between the crime data and the criminal originates from the principle of the substance withdrawal law.

This is a hidden reality, but beyond the theorem.

  • All crimes take place on the same ordinate axis. The only thing that stands out is the magnificence of the timing.
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