Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Examination (ALES) is a numerical and verbal aptitude test that must be entered by those who have completed their undergraduate education at any university or who are studying in the last year of the university and who want to pursue graduate education. For Master’s (Although the calculation varies according to each University, it is usually as follows);

Graduate Education Exam (minimum ALES) of           50%

Bachelor’s Degree (Transcript) of                                  25%

Interview Exam of                                                               25%

is taken. The scores obtained as a result of these processes are ranked starting from the highest and they are placed in the graduate program within the quota of the university. It is an important advantage to have the highest ALES score as possible in order to enter the Master’s program.

ALES is held three times a year, in May, September and November. There are a total of 100 questions in the exam, 50 numerical and 50 verbal.

Verbal Tests, on the other hand, will consist of questions to measure verbal reasoning (reasoning) skills. 
The questions in all four tests will not be intended to measure the competencies and knowledge gained in certain higher education programs. The test questions will be of such a nature that graduates of higher education institutions from different fields can answer.

 Quantitative    50 Questions

 Verbal               50 Questions

Other Information About the Exam;

The duration of the exam is 150 minutes. In the exam, 4 wrongs make 1 right. The highest score in the exam is 100. Universities usually have a base score of 55 and above. However, in some programs, the university has the right to keep the threshold score high.

Sample Application; Ahmet Tanas graduated from Balıkesir University, Bandırma Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics with a grade point average of 76.82. Ahmet got 63.55 from the ALES Exam, which he took in May before he finished school. He applied to Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences, which was opened in August, and participated in the interview. 30 people will be recruited to the Department of Economic Policy and Ahmet’s score will be;

ALES’in% 50’si = 63.55 * 0.50 = 31.78

Transcript’in % 25’i    = 76,82  * 0,25 = 19,21

25% of the interview = Announced after the exam. (Sometimes not announced. Only winners are announced)

(31.78) + (19.21) + (25% of the interview grade) = Let’s say 82.77

If Ahmet Tanas’s score (82.77) is within the quota (between 30 people) when listed from top to bottom, Ahmet will be entitled to graduate education. However, if he/she cannot be among the first 30 people, he/she will not be placed in this program. A person can apply to more than one program at the same time. However, only one of them has the right to continue his education.

The most curious ones in ALES…

How Many Minutes is the Exam Duration?

Total 150 min. You have time.

What is the validity period of ALES?

ALES score is valid for 5 years as of the date of the exam.

ALES Mathematics


  • Basic concepts
  • Analysis
  • Division and Divisibility
  • Prime Factors
  • Ebob-Ekok
  • Rational numbers
  • Ordering, Simple Inequalities
  • Absolute value
  • Identities
  • Factoring
  • Exponential numbers
  • Radical numbers
  • equations
  • Ratio-Proportion
  • Number and Fraction Problems
  • Age Problems
  • Worker and Pool Problems
  • Movement Problems
  • Percent, Profit-Loss
  • Interest Problems
  • Mixing Problems
  • clusters
  • Process
  • Basic Principle of Counting
  • Possibility

ALES Geometry


  • Straight Angles
  • Angles in a Triangle
  • Length and Area in a Triangle
  • Bisector in Triangle
  • Kenarortay
  • Similarity
  • quadrangles
  • Circle and Circle
  • Analytical geometry
  • Solids

ALES Numerical Logic And Logical Reasoning


  • Graphic Interpretation
  • Table Reading
  • Shape Ability
  • Strings of Numbers
  • Logical Reasoning Problems
  • Encryption, Decryption
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Verbal Intelligence-Based Problem Solving

ALES In Turkish


  • Meaning in a Word
  • Comprehension in Sentence
  • Expression Formats
  • Paragraph
  • Speech Disorders

Distribution Of Questions By ALES Numerical Logic Topics


Candidates who take the ALES numerical field exam must solve numerical logic questions. Logic questions measure detailed thinking and analysis abilities. The problems given in the question should be related to each other in detail. For question solutions, the method of making tables is generally used. There are approximately 17 numerical logic questions in ALES topics and question distribution.

These questions, in which the ability to interpret come to the fore, expect people to make sense of events using numerical operations. Graph and table interpretations are at the forefront of these types of questions. Most mistakes are made in exams, usually in the field of numerical logic. Therefore, students approach this lesson with a bias. In order to prevent this, practice should be done with question solutions before the exam.

The distribution of questions according to ALES numerical logic topics can be listed as follows:

2 or 3 questions from the graphic reading and table interpretation section

3 or 4 questions on shape ability and number sequences

8 or 10 questions from the topic of logical reasoning problems

The distribution of questions by subject varies in some years. In general, the distribution of questions is like this.

ALES Logic Questions Solution Tactics


ALES logic questions have certain solution tactics. ALES topics and question distribution will help you at this point. Logic, which is the course that students usually have the most difficulty with, can be easily solved with different thinking and solution techniques. Logic questions and solution tactics can be listed as follows:

Logic questions need to be carefully studied and read.

Which information is more valuable should be found by the analysis method. In this way, question solutions are made faster. The analysis of the information given in the text of the question should be done well.

All information given should be tabulated. This way you can find all the data in detail in front of you.

After detailed data analysis in question solutions, you can reach the answer.

Within ALES subjects and question distribution, 14 or 15 questions come from logic subjects. While studying for the exam, the aforementioned study methods should be used.

ALES Geometry Question Distribution By Subject


Geometry includes subjects where formal thinking and analysis are at the forefront. Students will be more successful if geometry subjects are studied through question solutions. At this stage, it is necessary to determine the subjects and then to prepare a study program.

Geometry questions are usually solved using formulas. While memorizing the formulas, it is helpful for the candidates to keep the formula paper in mind at all times. This way, faster question resolution is done. As the number of question solutions increases, so does the ability to scan shapes with a quick eye angle.

There are 10 or 12 geometry questions in ALES topics and question distribution.

ALES Success In Numerical Fields


ALES consists of two areas, numerical and verbal. Especially students who will prefer numerical and equal weight sections should give more weight to the numerical area. ALES is one of the most important steps affecting academic life. People who want to step into academic life should get a good result from this exam.

Numerical subjects are also included in ALES subjects and question distribution. digital division; It consists of mathematics, numerical logic and geometry courses. While studying for the exam, students should repeat the subject in order to update their current knowledge. That way, they can spot their shortcomings early and make up for it.

In numerical lessons, it is important to see different types of questions besides studying the subject. In this way, question solutions are accelerated and time can be saved in the exam. When it comes to the last stage, it may be useful to solve a certain number of weekly trials.

While studying numerical subjects in ALES, you can progress with an expert trainer or with your own study tactics. It is very easy to reach different topics and resources on the internet today.

ALES Verbal Field Test


ALES has a great place in the education life of people who want to work in the academic field. Candidates solve questions in their fields during the exam in accordance with the departments they want to enter. Verbal questions within ALES topics and question distribution are mostly solved by people whose parts are verbal.

ALES Turkish questions require attention and are thought-oriented. Therefore, it must be carefully resolved. It is important to read the questions carefully during the exam.

The distribution of questions according to ALES Turkish topics can be listed as follows:

2 questions on the meaning of the word;

3 or 4 questions on Meaning in a Sentence

Speech Disorders

Expression Formats

35 or 40 questions from paragraph topics

8 questions from Verbal Logic

ALES Verbal Study Tactics


Students who will take the ALES exam from the verbal field must be quite successful in the verbal field. For this, besides the subject repetition, frequent question solving should be done. It is important to be quick, especially in paragraph questions. For this, it is important that the question solutions are made at regular intervals. Verbal department candidates who want to score above 70 points must also solve certain questions in the numerical field.

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