What does KPSS-A mean?

KPSS-A Staffs; In general, it consists of inspectors, experts, supervisors, assistant controllers and district governor candidacy staff. Until the 2000s, graduates of FEAS, SBF and Faculty of Law could generally apply to KPSS-A positions. There were only some changes on a departmental basis. For example, graduates of the Department of (A) Deputy Prime Ministry, and (B) graduates of Finance Inspectorship could not apply. However, with the centralized KPSS held every year since 1999, there has been an increase in the departments that can apply. For example, some public institutions have started to accept applications from engineering faculties (EU Secretariat General), some from Science/Science-Literature Faculty (DIE) and some from Medical, Dentist, Pharmacist, Chemist or Chemical Engineers (Ministry of Health). At this point, it should be emphasized that although the number of applicant departments has increased, most of the public institutions still accept applications from among the graduates of FEAS, SBF and Faculty of Law to the positions of assistant experts, assistant inspectors, assistant controllers and assistant auditors. Although applications are received from faculties and departments such as engineering, architecture, science/literature, medicine, as stated above, these are very limited.

What does KPSS-B mean?

Except for the KPSS-A staff mentioned above, every staff is KPSS-B staff. In other words, every cadre is KPSS-B staff, except for inspector, expert, inspector and assistant controller, and district governor candidacy. In this context, engineers, technicians, technicians, civil servants, psychologists, architects, veterinarians etc. All cadres are KPSS-B cadres. 

Can an Engineer Apply to Both KPSS-A and KPSS-B?


All positions announced by ÖSYM for appointment through central placement are KPSS-B. Accordingly, every candidate entering the section of KPSS consisting of general culture and general talent will be able to participate in the selection process for these KPSS-B positions. However, in order to apply for the positions of inspector, expert, inspector, assistant controller and district governor candidacy, it is necessary to be successful in the written and/or oral exam to be held by the public institutions that open the exam after the KPSS exam to be held by ÖSYM. In the announcement for the positions of inspector, expert, inspector, assistant controller and district governor candidacy, it is stated which department graduates can take the written and/or oral exam. 

If the engineering department is also included in this advertisement, the inspector, expert, can apply to the position of district governor candidacy with the help of supervisor and controller. The following should be noted here. In order to be able to apply for the position of inspector, expert, supervisor, assistant supervisor and district governor, it is necessary to attend the field knowledge exams (Economics, Accounting, Finance, etc.) held on Sunday in addition to the General Culture and General Ability exams. Only undergraduate graduates can take this exam.

KPSS-A (Field Knowledge)


  • Law (180 hours)
  • Economics (120 hours)
  • Finance (60 hours)
  • Accounting (60 hours)
  • Last look at the exam (30 hours)
  • Free Publications
  • Legal Subject Lecture
  • Economics Lecture
  • Finance Lecture
  • Accounting Lecture
  • KPSS-A Question Bank
  • KPSS-A Leaf Tests
  • 10 Design Trials
  • 10 Pieces of Six Hats Publications Trial

Educational Sciences (EB)


  • Developmental Psychology (22 hours)
  • Learning Psychology (22 hours)
  • Guidance (22 hours)
  • Assessment and Evaluation (22 hours)
  • Program development (22 hours)
  • Teaching methods and techniques (22 hours)
  • Last look at the exam (22 hours)

Teaching / Field Course (ÖABT)


  • Elementary Mathematics
  • High School Mathematics
  • Date
  • Social studies
  • geography
  • chemical
  • Physical
  • Biology
  • Turkish
  • The English
  • science and technology
  • Turkish language and literature
  • Classroom teaching
  • Pdr-Guidance
  • Lectures, Studies and Practice Exams

Free Publications (EB)


  • Educational Sciences Subject Lecture Books
  • Educational Sciences Question Bank
  • Educational Sciences Leaf Tests
  • Educational Sciences Practice Exams
  • Free Publications (ÖABT)
  • Subject Lecture Books
  • Question bank
  • Leaf Tests
  • Practice Exams



  • Istanbul’s first KPSS Course under the Management of University Faculty Members
  • 38th Year in Education
  • Professional Guidance (Please click for information about guidance)
  • High Winning Rate (75% success as a result of the 2018 exam)
  • Practical Test Solving Techniques and distance education videos suitable for the KPSS Exam Prepared for General Ability -General Culture -Educational Sciences and Field Knowledge
  • Free books given to students for each field (main books, question banks, distance education, practice exams, tests)
  • 30 mock exams
  • Regular and Abundant Studies (regular Quizzes)
  • Reasonable Price and Installment Options
  • University Environment
  • Social and Cultural Activities for Students
  • Availability of Course Hours
  • Accurate Exam Question Predictions with Rich Question Bank

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