Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) is an exam that foreign students who want to study in higher education institutions in Turkey can take and use their results when applying for admission to these institutions. This exam was held by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) until 2010. In the same year and with the decisions taken in 2011, Turkish universities organize the Foreign Student Exams within their own structure.



of foreign nationals,

At birth with is a Turkish national in those documents that they have a document on the Exercise of the Rights Recognized by registered minors receive the 5203 Law No. allowed to leave the Turkish nationality from the Interior Ministry fields and in their certificate of renunciation of Turkish citizenship
for foreign nationals with at birth then TC citizenship last couple nationals ,
except for nationals TC is the last three years of high school education in TRNC and completed applications will be accepted in a foreign country.

However, from the candidates;

  • Those who are Turkish citizens (except those who have completed the last three years of their high school education in a foreign country other than the TRNC)
  • Those who are TRNC nationals (except those who have completed their secondary education in TRNC high schools and have a GCE AL result),
  • Dual nationals, one of whom is Turkish nationality, (except those who completed the last three years of their high school education in a foreign country other than TRNC),
  • Dual citizens, one of whom is TRNC nationality (except those who have completed their secondary education in TRNC high schools and have a GCE AL result),
  • Applications of Turkish citizens who have completed their high school education in the TRNC are not accepted.

YÖS Exam Topics


YÖS Exam topics consist of Basic Learning Skills questions. Mathematics questions are asked in order to measure the abstract thinking power of the candidates. in the lists below YOS Exam You can see the subtitles of Mathematics and General Ability (IQ) subjects.

YÖS Mathematics Subjects


  • Rational and decimal numbers and four operations on these numbers, exponential and radical numbers
  • Finding ratios and calculating values ​​is another matter.
  • Factoring, i.e. simplifications and value calculations
  • Finding unknowns in equations (x=?)
  • Finding Sets, Intersections, and Unions
  • Finding the remainder(s) in the Polynomdivision division
  • Finding values ​​from graphs in functions, compositions, inverse functions and functional equations.
  • Another important issue is limits. Limit in trigonometry and functions.
  • Finding unknown(s) numbers in equations
  • In trigonometry, simplification, equation solving problems, finding trigonometric values ​​in graphs and total difference formulas take a big place.
  • Logarithms and equations with logarithms
  • Derivative calculations, Limit and Derivative, Graph and Derivative
  • Subjects of Definite/Indefinite Integral, finding area and calculating shaded areas in figures
  • Quadruple Operations in the Matrix
  • Determinant
  • In Geometry, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Quadrilateral, Rectangle, Square, Polygon

YÖS General Ability / YÖS IQ Topics


  • Counting cubes
  • Which Shape Completes the Second Row According to the Relationship in the First Row
  • Which Figure Is The Third Row According To The Relationship Given In The First And Second Rows?
  • completes
  • Finding Different Shapes
  • Letter and Number Relationships
  • Number and Shape Relationships
  • Finding the desired letters in Letter Tables
  • Addition and Subtraction with Shapes
  • Finding the shape in a shape array
  • Libra questions (Shape equivalences)
  • Shape equivalences in the table
  • Which shape should replace the question mark in a three x three matrix?
  • Finding missing Pieces in four-by-four matrices
  • Completion of missing three-by-three shape matrices
  • finding three x three numeric matrices
  • Opening the cubes
  • Finding the next shape in the shape layout
  • Reaching the rules by completing the figure and completing the draw orders
  • Finding rules through numbers – filling in the blanks
  • Integrating a stale square – identifying the missing piece
  • Finding rules between numbers
  • Finding patterns in number sequences and applying them to question solutions
  • Finding patterns in shape sequences
  • Folding objects or paper
  • Systems of equations (with shapes and objects)
  • Finding the desired in a table of letters (by finding a rule)
  • Rotating / folding / subtracting shapes
  • Completing three-dimensional shapes

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